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Posted by : StoryOf Beck Senin, 15 September 2014

Kaitou Joker / 怪盗ジョーカー

Kaitou Joker / 怪盗ジョーカー


In the story, there is nothing in the world that the mysterious phantom thief Joker cannot steal. He goes after one treasure after another in unpredictable capers with seemingly miraculous tricks.

Opening Theme

"Kaitou Miracle Shounen Boy (怪盗ミラクル少年ボーイ) by Arukarider (アルカライダー)

Ending Theme

"Parade Illusion (パレード・イリュージョン)" by Mainya with Shuffle Sisters (まいにゃ with シャッフルシスターズ)


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